May love live forever

On Tsai Ming-liang’s Vive L’amour (1994)

Ah-jung sits in a mall food court with May Lin behind him. Their whole courtship ritual involves very nearly no dialogue.
May Lin wanders the streets of Taipei. Ah-jung is later seen trailing behind her in the same scene. A poster for the Julia Roberts’ film The Pelican Brief is on her right.
Hsiao-kang sits alone in a cafe, his back turned to the camera.
May Lin waits for a client in a foyer with her belongings laid out on the ground next to the wall. This scene lasts several minutes.
Ah-jung looks out the window in a dark, empty apartment.
Hsiao-kang attempts to commit suicide, sitting on a bare mattress in the vacant apartment. He stops when he’s interrupted by the other two protagonists.

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